Monday, September 1, 2014

Seattle Met Magazine Illustration: San Juan Islands

I recently had the opportunity to draw a map illustration of the San Juan Islands for Seattle Metropolitan Magazine (August Issue). It reminds me of one of those placemat maps you see in roadside diners. 
It was a real learning experience.  I rarely have to make things that read super small.  So I had to simplify my normal drawing technique.  I think it worked out well. Thanks so much to the Seattle Met team for giving me such a meaty project.  

Below are some roughs of how it developed. Thanks for taking a gander.  


Sketch 1

Sketch 2
Final Art


  1. Really nice little map! Expressive little scenes... Cool! The one thing I might have added is reference distances to Victoria & Anacortes. But that's probably from all my years working for governmental agencies.
    ---sue hawkins

    1. Hello Soobedoo, thanks for the comment! Yes more little details would be of been nice. I blame the deadline! Maybe I will get back to it and put it in. I see your interested in maps from your blog. very cool.