Monday, September 12, 2011

New Work

It is hard to not be inspired by the headlines these days. The coming election, the European debt crisis, the uprisings in Syria and Libya. There is no shortage of events worth pondering in a visual way. Here are a few recent images.

Rick Perry: The Most Jesusy
After watching the two recent debates it's clear that the leading republican candidate for president, Rick Perry, is fully committed to the social and fiscal conservative agenda. He has presented himself as the frontrunner the religious Right. Christopher Hitchens has a great article on Rick Perry's motives for aligning himself with the Christian voters and questions his authenticity.
Bullets and Blackberrys, The Syrian Riots and the Future of Revolt
It is amazing to watch the "Arab Spring" and see how technology is the ultimate weapon in the revolution. It is still dangerous to fight a regime with a camera vs. a machine gun.