Monday, October 31, 2011


I recently was commissioned by Hearst's Popular Mechanics to make an image lampooning some bad Sci-Fi films that were part of a feature rating Sci-Fi films on their implausibility. Armageddon, that late 90's crap sandwich of a film rated the number one worst film. I was asked to highlight some of the film's absurd qualities in an image.

Unfortunately, for research purposes I purchased the film on iTunes. This is tough for me to admit...I now own the film. And in case your wondering, no, it does not get better on the second viewing. It does, however, take the cultural temperature of the time. It's not like we have really matured though. The Michael Bay films of today share the same vapid emptiness and force us to exprience emotional moments with whaling guitars and blaring Aerosmith.

Obviously, I am a fan of Sci-Fi and I will gladly stomach a bad Sci-Fi flick purely for the spectacle and absurdity. Armageddon is not a fun film to watch.


This was the sketch I pushed for the final. It had Bruce Willis reaching out for nuclear war head that was spewing uranuim. While the mounted machine guns on the Rover in the background unloaded it's machine gun. But pop Mechanics thought it was to far of a leap from the film. so we dialed it back to just have Bruce holding the bomb and drifting off into the expance. Maybe less drastic, but fine none the less.