Thursday, October 17, 2013

BW Spots, for Miami New Times

Here are a few images for The Miami New times that were published this week. The article is about some cruel bouncers at a local watering hole in Florida written by Terrance Mccoy .  It will remind you to never tell a bouncer to do their job.  Because if you're at "Dirty Blondes" they will stomp you.  The Art Director Miche Ratto gives a lot of freedom to play and add flourishes that develop after the sketch and pencil stage.  I have included some of the sketches and pencils.

link to article:

These images are fun and because of the timeframe they force you make quick decisions.  I basically have 5 days to deliver.  And although there are things that feel a little rushed there is a freeing quality to the tight deadline.

Thanks for looking.