Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Grey

I just saw The Grey, this past weekend. And although it wasn't fantastic it's worth the ticket price. If you like The man vs. Beast film genre. This might be the film for you. It is primarily an action film it reaches for some kind of existential exploration of man and his place in the natural world, and most principal to this film is the temporal nature of life itself. If you want to also see some creative uses of airplane liquor bottles and electrical tape it may be the movie for you.

I am a sucker for these films. I spent a good amount of time working in Alaska in the winter on a few television shows. The job required flying around a good amount of the state by plane and by car. Of all the places I visited the area of the state that left the most lasting impression was up above the Arctic Circle north of Fairbanks about 100 miles. There is something staggering beautiful about a place that would take your life so easily if you were to not be prepared or say your car battery died. It's definitely worth the trip.

Friday, January 13, 2012

New Work,Cincinnati Magazine

I was recently commissioned by Cincinnati magazine to create the above images for a piece by William Powell about Occupy Cincinnati. Art Director, Megan Scherer gave me this great opportunity to depict the Occupy movement. I worked on it while I was visiting my folks over the holiday. The Only draw back was that we were without heat the entire time. Drawing in the cold is harder then I thought.